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Your chemist plan is ready. You have the DIY e-liquid base, the concentrated flavours and maybe even boosters to add nicotine to your mix. The impatience rises, and you have only one desire: to start preparing your DIY! But doubt invades you and a question gnaws at you: what is the dosage for the aromas to obtain the ultimate juice?

First of all, we invite you to bring a syringe or a graduated pipette and a bottle. These bottles and flasks will allow you to obtain the most precise dosage possible and will avoid you having to take your aroma drop by drop… Are you equipped? Perfect you will be able to make your liquid with or without nicotine.

In 99% of cases, the aroma dosage is done in ml or drops. Of course, the larger your base, the greater the number of concentrated flavourings to incorporate. To know the exact proportions, it is imperative to refer to the dosages provided by the manufacturers of the DIY aromas. Dosages are also available on each of our product sheets. These also indicate the steep time to be respected and include a calculator which should facilitate your preparation! A liquid rich in flavours is about to appear.


The amounts mostly run between 10 and 15%. But it’s not uncommon to see brands like  Halo Concentrates advocating higher dosages of up to 25%.

To make things easier, we are going to base ourselves on a concentrated aroma whose recommended dosage is 15%. If you have a base in 50/50 of 100 ml, you will need to add 15ml of aromas. Nothing fancy. For a base of 50ml, you will therefore have to incorporate 7.5 ml. If your base is only 25ml, the flavour addition will be 3.75ml.

As you will have understood, a rule of three allows you to quickly determine the volume of concentrated aromas to put in your base. Multiply the percentage of flavours to the quantity of your base and divide everything by 100. This calculation is valid for all flavours whether they are flavours of caramel, mint, strawberry, lemon… Tastes differ, but the method remains the same. Math haunted us all during school… now you know why our teachers were so demanding! If in doubt, do not hesitate to use a basic nicotine calculator which you can find easily on the internet.


It’s child’s play, however one criterion must be taken into account when mixing: the VG rate of your base. As you know, vegetable glycerin tends to dull the flavours. If your base has a higher VG rate than propylene glycol, it will therefore be necessary to add a higher dose of flavourings. The indications provided by the brands concerning the aromas are therefore no longer very accurate and with a base having 100% VG, the dosage can double! It’s up to you to try and multiply the tests: it’s also for this great freedom that we love DIY

You have all the information you need to come up with great recipes at a very reasonable price. However, nothing prevents you from tweaking the mix by adding a little more concentrated flavouring if you find that everything lacks taste or from integrating one or more boosters if you have a high nicotine requirement. You are the only master on board! If you have any doubts about the amount of nicotine to add, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our advisors are trained and can direct you to the most appropriate nicotine boosters for your electronic cigarette preparation.