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5Hi, dear connoisseurs of delicious electronic vapors. Today we will talk about the premium e-liquid brands of Captain’s Reserve that was founded in 2015, at the very first stage of the vaping appearance. The headquarters and main production facilities of the company are located in the UK. The total network of e-liquid wholesale stores around the world lists about 130 stores.

Each line of new e-liquid production is focused on a certain vape juice brands list.

The company does not need any mass production, but is concentrated on the quality of each proposed product. I think it’s not worth mentioning that all e-liquid ingredients are produced from high-quality materials and tested in special laboratories.

The basic composition of each cheap Premium vape juices juice is rationed 80 glycerine to 20 propylene glycol. The e-liquid nicotine level is very low, we can respectively talk about the vape flavors without nicotine. Well, let us tell you about some of this vape juice flavors list.

Captain’s Custard

A very strong cream base with rich caramel filling and a fresh banana flavor. A very skillful mix, in which all components are fully revealed. For the start, you clearly feel the taste of the cream, then the barely noticeable taste of the banana, and the aftertaste of the caramel adds a special charm to this e-liquid.


This taste was added relatively recently compared with other flavored e-liquids of the line. What if I tell you that there is a cucumber aroma in this taste? Yes, there are notes of cucumber here. Even more, they are diluted with components such as strawberry berries plus a mixture of guarantor. Cucumber is very well combined with pomegranate and, of course, comes to the fore, in addition to these components at high power adds flavors of forest berries.