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7Winter and early spring are not the best time for vapers, when one is able to vape safely in the open air – that’s still a problem. Especially it concerns ex-smokers, who are accustomed to smoking a classic cigarette in any weather and adjacent to their own vape juice brands list. But with the electronics is not so simple – it does not tolerate temperature changes. You can often find the following questions on all sorts of forums: “Is it possible to smoke an e-cigarette in a severe frost or how to vape e-liquid flavors in the winter?” We will help you get ready for the difficulties of vaping in the spring-winter period and provide some tips that will help avoid instability in the functioning of your device.

Water and low temperature are the main enemies of e-cigarette and e-liquid brands. It is worth remembering that during heavy snowfalls or walking in the pouring rain, an e-cigarette and your best e-juice brands are not protected from moisture, like its owner. But if it already happened that the e-cigarette got into a “wet situation” – follow a few simple rules.

First turn off the power and remove the battery whenever possible. Then, dry the device by immersing the device in a container of rice. Rice itself is an excellent absorbent and will quickly absorb moisture. As for the low temperature, the battery can suffer mostly from frost. Lithium vape batteries quickly lose their capacity in the cold. Try as little as possible to use your device at low temperature and keep it warm. For example, in the inner pocket of clothing.

Cold also adversely affects refilling of e-cigarettes, since even cheap premium vape juice gets frozen at minus temperature. Just similarly to the liquid – they become more viscous. In this case, cotton poorly absorbs liquid, which leads to a burnout of the evaporator. We advise you to use liquids with a lower content of such e-liquid ingredients as glycerin (ideal ratio is 50/50).