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ProVari  - Conclusion

In terms of vapor generation, appearance, fit and finish, battery usage and general experience, the ProVari is indisputably the best e-cigarette in the market. However, you’ll have to pay a remarkable sum of money for the privilege of using it.

However, the ProVari is not an e-cigarette we can strongly recommend if you’re on your way to begin e-cigarettes because it’s really a bit complicated to use properly and you don’t need unclarity when you’ve just stopped smoking cigarettes.

If you haven’t switched to e-smoking yet, we strongly suggest looking at V2 Cigs as their products assortment is ideal for beginners. If you’re a chain smoker and feel that your nicotine needs are higher than average, the Lavatube performs nearly as well as the ProVari and is much convenient to use.

For other e-smokers, if you have some additional sum saved, buy the ProVari and never look back. If you can afford this brand financially, you will not be disappointed. Many smokers later used to confess that they’ll likely never find a better e-smoking experience than this one.

This e-cig will make your day and will fill your smoking process with unknown but pleasant notes of real e-smoking. This brand can be your e-cig forever!