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Jet Cigs for heavier smokers

Heavier smokers will be more than happy to find out that Jet Cigs refill cartridges are offered at an extra high nicotine level of 22 mg.


Many e-cigarette companies don’t sell cartridges at strengths higher than 16 mg, which might not be enough for smokers smoking for a long period of time. For less frequent smokers, nicotine strengths of 11 and 0 mg are also available in the market.

For wring this Jet Cigs review we specially used 22 mg refill cartridges and, as a result, we can definitely confirm that they packed more than enough of a punch for everyone. Additionally, the volume of vapor generated by the Jet Cigs e-cigarette was more than effective for a unit of its size.

Generally, Jet Cigs has a package that is absolutely worth your consideration if you’re trying e-cigarettes for the first time. At the sub – price point, you’ll have difficulty finding any other merchant that markets a starter kit with two batteries and USA-made e-liquids.

The excellent presentation of the Jet Cigs e-cigarette and originality of Jet’s refill flavors only make their product more attractive and demanded by most capricious smokers. Heavier smokers, however, are the main players in the market and they actually decide what is the best to selct and the best to enjoy.