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If you use the Envy NirVana constantly, you’ll need to start thinking about buying refill cartridges within the first week unless you ordered a couple of refill packs as well.

Envy NirVana cartridges — also called “cartomizers” because each one consists of its own heating coil to vaporize the nicotine liquid — cost quite accessible per five-pack and are offered in Tobacco and Menthol flavors. However, if you can apply discounts to all Envy products, so you’re welcome to buy items to save a few dollars (especially before holidays). You sava considerably.

If you decide that you’d like to drop back from the traditional Tobacco and Menthol flavors, it’s worth mentioning that although the Envy NirVana is the best e-cigarette for the money savings, there’s nothing wrong with giving another company’s refill cartridges a try. It will not harm the reputation of the company. Volcano’s pre-filled cartomizers are absolutely ok with the Envy NirVana, giving you a total of 24 more flavors to try.

While the Envy NirVana may lack some certain features of other e-cigarettes, it’s a great alternative for new e-smokers because it costs so little and includes so much to enjoy. Buy the Envy NirVana now or study some more information if you want to be sure.